How we took a BeardCare brand from $90k/mo to $186k/mo in 6 months.

Services provided:

  1. Facebook ads strategy

  2. Facebook ads management

  3. CRO

Key Achievements:

  • 6.47X return on ad spend

  • 664% Increase in revenue

  • 604% Increase in orders


About the brand






What did we learn?


The Brand

Our client in question was a beard care brand, they joined the eCommerce scene in September 2019 and made headway instantly with their incredibly popular beard oils, stemming from an understanding that healthy, soft, and great smelling beards don’t come naturally! The client had experienced steady growth with their online sales but struggled to push it past the $90k-$100k a month mark. They understood that social media ads were the inevitable next step for their business, but the question was who was right for the job?

The Challenges

After reading a few of our case studies, reading our existing clients' answer key concerns they had, and being explained thoroughly how our strategies have helped our existing partners through our discovery call, the client was confident to start working with us. This was a key focus point for our partnership, the brand had recently been working with another marketing agency, which had ruined their faith in paid media, and the marketing industry as a whole. So building trust and confidence was a must.

The Strategy

With a very minimal amount of campaigns launched in their ad account, we knew it was key to first build a solid foundational strategy for them to scale. Without much previous data for us to go off, we had to ensure we saw consistent results before scaling too aggressively. In order to combat the lack of data to go off, we started by testing a handful of micro strategies, which would indicate which strategy to take forward.

In 6 months' time, this brand aimed to double their current monthly revenue, and more importantly, they wanted to achieve a long-term partnership with an agency that truly cared about their brand & online growth.

The Roadmap

The services we included in this project were; Facebook strategy (183), Facebook ads management(183), and CRO(183). All of these services were for the full 183 days. We over-delivered on the client's goal of doubling their revenue within the 6 months, aggressive scaling techniques, and leveraging high website traffic to test, allowed us to comfortably meet their requirements.

The Execution

One of our leading Digital Strategists, partnered with the client to first create a variety of ad campaigns, in order to find the highest performing strategy.

While we were collecting our data, we did health checks on the websites CRO and offer. CRO and offer analysis was a big factor in this account's success. As previously mentioned, the previous data left us in the dark with how well the site converted, and how enticing their offers were, so our team stepped in, and did a full audit of the website and offer. Making sure our ads had the best possible launch pad. When auditing, we removed as much friction as possible from the buyer journey, allowing a smooth process from landing to converting. Increasing website conversion rate by 5.2%.

We understood that our client's retargeting campaigns would naturally perform well once launched, so our focus was heavily predicated around creating & optimizing cold audience conversion objective campaigns.

If we could locate a few key “hero ads” that generated “cold audience impulse buys”, we would be able to scale the account rapidly, but profitably at the same time.

After creating a wide variety of ads, we discovered ads using highly compelling ad copy that discussed consumer benefits, along with “product-centric” still imagery were our highest performers.

After establishing these high-performing ads, we increased the level of cold audience conversion objective campaigns, tested & reached new target audiences, wrote creative & highly engaging ad copy, and implemented multi-level, dynamic retargeting ads.

The Results

Our combination of strong retargeting campaigns, CRO, and our focus on cold audience conversion campaigns led to an ad account we could scale both consistently and fast. This led to a business that could be scaled on command. Moreover, the Increase In website traffic allowed the brand to test new products easily, and see how a large group of potential customers would react to new releases using dry runs.

Here's a summary of the results:

-6.47x ROAS

-664% Increase In revenue

-604% Increase In orders

What Did We Learn?

During the course of this project, we learned how high-quality cold audience campaigns can be a really powerful tool to help with building account consistency, and shouldn't be underestimated.

Another key takeaway for us was the valuable experience we gained, working with a company that had been poorly treated by another marketing agency. Making our service as transparent as possible was key, as our service developed, we understood the key processes a nervous company wanted to be Involved In.