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Marketing Trends for Startups in 2022 You Can't Ignore

All businesses begin somewhere, and startups are no exception, especially when it comes to marketing strategy. To keep up with an ever-changing market, startup marketing must be imaginative, testing, and result-driven, as well as ever-changing.

Marketing should never be overlooked when it comes to budgeting and growth strategy, regardless of budget constraints.

Companies that want to build brand awareness, a fan following, and trust must invest in marketing. Startups with ambitious aspirations are often bringing new trends or an updated version of an established trend to the table, and we can't wait to break them down. Marketers for startups: In 2022, keep a watch out for the following trends:

All The Testing, All The Time

In many respects, startups must be courageous, but their marketing approach must be the most fearless of all. With lofty ambitions and limited resources, startups are quick to get up and running. For rapid expansion and consumer acquisition, continuous testing is essential. There are two methods used by startups to accomplish this:

1. CRO

Conversion rate optimization helps startups stay on pace with their growth. Consider this: no new business understands exactly what its website visitors desire, which is why CRO is so important for setting baseline strategies and kicking off growth. Sure, paid marketing can bring in as many visitors as you want, but having best practices in place based on decisive A/B testing and other CRO strategies is critical. Traffic generation is one aspect of the puzzle, but a data-driven user experience is equally crucial.

2. Growth Hacking

"Growth hacking" is a common buzzword in today's marketing industry, but it's also one of the most successful ways for a new company to carve out its market niche. Growth hacking, in its most basic form, is exclusively concerned with achieving growth using data-driven and experiment-based marketing procedures. Growth hacking is extremely vital for startups that want to reach a large number of people in a short period of time. Despite the fact that growth hacking is a broad phrase that incorporates a variety of marketing methods, it is important to emphasize the importance of this strategy for rapid growth and success.

Content Marketing

For companies trying to get into the market or further expand their brand presence, a strong content marketing strategy is a must. After all, every successful brand has a solid content strategy that connects them to their target audience. Content marketing may demonstrate thought leadership while also establishing trust and trustworthiness with search engines and readers. Because content marketing is such a broad phrase, let's look at some of the most popular approaches now being employed by startups:

Taking advantage of user-generated content

Is there another fad? Content created by users. It is being used by startups who are fortunate enough to have devoted and engaged customers who are willing to go to bat for their product. UGC may be used in a variety of ways, and we've seen it implemented across practically every channel.

Is user-generated content (UGC) really that vital for startup marketing? Absolutely. Brand trust is crucial, and using user-generated content (UGC) is one of the most effective methods to build it. You still don't believe us? Take a look at some of the numbers:

  1. On average, 60% of adults (and 70% of Millennials) say that social media content from friends and family influences their shopping decisions, while only 23% say celebrity influencer content does.

  2. Customer engagement is roughly 28% greater with user-generated content than with professionally prepared content, according to a Comscore study.

  3. Customer-generated content has a major influence on 79 percent of customers' purchasing decisions.


Okay, this one is probably the most obvious in terms of marketing, but TikTok is the most important platform to enter the startup marketing field in recent years. Why? Simply put, anyone (yes, anyone!) may become viral on TikTok and gain a large following. Why? The TikTok algorithm is unlike any other in the social sphere, favoring a user's interests, searches, and engagements over virality.

So, how do entrepreneurs make use of TikTok? It's simple—just like everyone else! Thousands of businesses have succeeded in carving out a niche for themselves by delivering unique material that isn't always relevant to their bottom line, but is relevant to trends or simply by providing interesting content that piques users' interest enough for them to follow. We're witnessing this trend in real time, with firms like Duolingo gaining a sizable following through material that doesn't directly sell their product but greatly raises brand knowledge and visibility.

Evergreen Tactics

Using Google AdWords Paid Campaigns

Google will always play a part in a good marketing plan — especially a startup one — at this point. When it comes to raising brand awareness and overall conversion rates, cross-channel optimization is critical. In terms of paid advertising, implementing a solid Google-based approach is likely to be a hit for early-stage firms. Why? Google campaigns can generate high-quality leads at a low cost because advertisers have complete control over budgets and bids. Google campaigns will remain popular among startups because they provide a great approach to increase traffic and recover sales regardless of where people are on the internet. Google offers a few campaign kinds that are virtually typically employed by startups:

  • Search: Excellent for startups looking to boost their brand's visibility on the SERPs, especially if their site isn't yet ranking organically.

  • YouTube is frequently utilized in a commercial style, but it's exciting to see companies use it in new ways. YouTube campaigns provide a one-of-a-kind opportunity to connect out to specific consumers via video.

  • One of the most prominent methods for maintaining brand awareness is through display. This campaign format is frequently used by startups to begin establishing brand awareness or to retarget site users.

Customer Services

Email Marketing

Email is one of the most cost-effective marketing tactics, thus startups who use it in their marketing mix are more likely to have a better ROI. Email is not only a terrific tool to boost brand recognition, create new visitors, and transmit priority messaging, but it's also a great way to keep customers happy. Overall, firms who have a full-funnel approach that strives to communication with customers at any stage of their journey will be the most successful.

Marketing with SMS and App Messaging

SMS and app messaging, like email, are personalized touchpoints that companies utilize to remain in touch with customers. Both strategies have grown in popularity as more businesses incorporate them into their marketing mix. SMS and app messaging are both effective ways to swiftly inform customers about discounts, sales, and other major value propositions. Because these users are frequently existing customers or are at the bottom of the marketing funnel, an additional message highlighting a promotion is likely to prompt their next conversion.

Note: When using communication channels such as email, SMS, and app messaging, make sure to take use of each touchpoint's strengths and coordinate between channels as needed. If you don't, you risk exhausting your audience.

Putting A Customer Feedback System In Place

Customer feedback is necessary for every effective marketing plan, even if it is not marketing at its heart, thus it is a critical component for ever-evolving startups. Installing a customer feedback system can help you increase your conversion rate and overall customer experience in a short amount of time. Customer feedback should be collected in a variety of ways, including interviews, surveys, digital analytics, and product evaluations. Startups that refuse to listen to their consumers are unlikely to communicate effectively with their target audience. As a result, startup marketers must be aware of their target audience's desires and needs, which is why we've included this trend in our marketing strategy list.

2022 and Beyond

Startups must be imaginative, resilient, exploratory, and willing to challenge previously successful systems. Everything described above will continue to play a major influence in the growth space as we head into 2022. With that said, we recognize that marketing is a dynamic field that will never have a single best practice. With new channel options coming on a regular basis, we'll be on the lookout for startups in 2022 who are putting them to creative use.

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